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-The old movie which a screen is dusky, and is left in the thing which it rains of the wound in memory vividly-
-Feeling of strain, strength, fun of a past historical drama-
Of course it thinks that it is the power that movie in itself recorded on a film has that they are arrived at by composition and a subject.
Itself becomes expression, the personality under the unconsciousness of the person, and I am strong, and the thickness of thickness and the line of the color, those seasonings are memorized in a heart.

I may express a quality of film than a film by digital processing in the present age.
However, ItabashiDensankiSha puts the meaning of a physical record and continues with a film photograph from now on.


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1905 Russo-Japanese War

The truth of the photograph analog this.
Information without getting out in 100 years ago and certain recording medium.


I see the thing which I did not see. It is the world of the film.

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